You Can’t Buy This At the Apple Store But Here Is How You Can Make It

This is definitely a cake that you will need some time and patience to accomplish. However,if you are able to complete it successfully it will be a huge topic of conversation. Me being an Apple lover myself I find this cake totally awesome, but making all those tiny apps would drive me insane.

Even though this is not something I see myself making it, I saw myself not being able to look away until I saw the whole thing completed. The final product will blow you away!

1 1/2 x the rich chocolate cake recipe baked in two trays
2x frosting recipe I used 1x american butter cream and 1 x white chocolate ganache whipped together
2kg (4.41 pounds) white fondant
Gel food coloring
blue powdered food colour
silver luster dust (for the apple on the side of the box)
100g (3.53 ounces) black fondant
cake board
optional – app cutter made from aluminium flashing 0.3mm thick so it is easy to bend but holds its shape
optional – fondant extruder
optional – ipad printed icing sheet, download the template or make your own and email to one of the many online companies that print onto icing sheets.

Source: HowToCookThat