WOW! You Will Never Guess What Happens When The Chocolate Melts

I know that most people will probably not make this dessert since it does look pretty complicated (at least to me it does) but you have to admit that it is an awesome looking dessert.

She does mention in the video that this is a perfect way to propose to someone, which is absolutely true. It will definitely be unique and then you will have something delicious to eat during the celebration (if the person says yes of course LOL).

The Petals

100g (3.53 ounces) tempered chocolate per flower

Temper your chocolate and spread the chocolate thinly on some acetate. Using a knife and the petal template cut out individual petals, see video fro demonstration.

Working quickly before the chocolate hardens curve it up into a half circle. Use something cylindrical to hold it in place.

Spread more chocolate out and cut small circles and cut each circle in half.

To assemble the dessert use a little chocolate to secure a selection of fruit to the top of your macaron. Place the macaron on top of a chocolate truffle using chocolate to hold it in place.

Arrange the chocolate petals around a silicone hemisphere mold.

Then using some more chocolate add the base, this is going to hold all the petals in place.

Take one half of your flower and use chocolate to hold it in place on the base of the bowl.

Then add the chocolate macaron to the middle.

And carefully add the other half into place.

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