Wow Anyone With This Baked Alaska

While searching for new and different desserts online I came across this dessert. The first thing that popped out at me was the name. Maybe I need to branch out more but I never heard of a dessert named Baked Alaska. So of course I watched the video.

It truly is a simple dessert. It is mostly ice-cream, more specifically Neapolitan Ice-Cream. It does have at the end a meringue topping. He also adds a great sounding rum syrup to the dessert. But for the most part the dessert consists of ingredients that are very familiar to most people. It does take a while to complete since there is so much freezing and refreezing of the ice-cream.

If you want to wow your guests this might a dessert that you want to consider but make sure you have plenty of time and patience.

Source: Bryon Talbott