You Won’t Believe What These Crayons Are Made of In This Crayon Waterfall Cake

This is the kind of cake that you make when you want to blow people’s mind. Whether it’s the bright colors or the gravity defying design, this cake will definitely have everyone talking.

You will want to give yourself some time to make this cake, especially if you want to make the edible crayons, which in my opinion, give this cake an extra touch. This Crayon Waterfall Cake would work great for Back To School or for any kid’s birthday party.

• 2 Prepared 6″ rainbow cakes
• 2 Prepared 8″ rainbow cakes
• Fondant- white
• Prepared white vanilla buttercream
• White chocolate ganache coloured red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
• Box of Crayons
• Cut cake board 6.5″x 2.5″

1. Cover and stack cakes with white buttercream. Position the smaller cake at the back of the larger cake, using dowels to support the cake underneath.
2. Insert the piece of cake board, pressing it into the cake at an angle. Place the empty crayon box on the top of the board, and position it as far down as it will go.
3. Divide the area under the angled board into six different areas. Using the chocolate ganaches, pour it at the start of the angled board’s base, and then down the two cakes, all the way to the bottom cake board.
4. Repeat for all of the colors, filling in the area under the angled board. Cover half of the inserted cake board in white buttercream and add chocolate ganache to the front and back of the board. Allow some of the ganache to flow off the back of the cake, but not as much as the front.
5. Add cut edible crayons to the waterfall, placing the crayons in the corresponding color flow area.
6. Slice and serve when desired. Cake is best kept in the fridge and should be consumed within 2-3 days.

Source: Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio