You Will Never Guess The Secret Ingredient Of This Rainbow Wacky Cake

Did you sense the sarcasm in my title?

This is definitely an over the top cake that any kid will love or kid at heart. This is a bright, colorful and super fun cake that will have all your guests talking. Not only does it have a super fun presentation, the flavor of this cake is as fun.

This bubble gum flavor is something that you can’t deny, it is basically everywhere. From the bubble gum flavor in the cake to the small and big bum balls on the outside.

There is no denying that this is a cake that will take some time to make but it is definitely worth it.

• Prebaked colored cakes
• Bubble gum flavoring
• Cake batter
• Light Pink, and Hot pink buttercream
• Gum balls
• Large Gum balls
• Edible geletin bubbles
• Pink sprinkles/candy

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