What She Combines These Cupcakes With Will Blow Your Mind!

Eating a cupcake is one of my favorite things to do but when you add ice-cream to this and I might lose it. These Ice-Cream Cupcakes are not only such a great idea, but they taste even better than I imagined. I think the flavor combinations when the ice-cream begins to melt on the cupcake makes these cupcakes taste incredible.

I actually had these during a kid’s birthday party and the kids went crazy. Well to be honest, the kids and the adults were both equally crazy about these ice cream cupcakes.

I came home and wanted to make them for myself, when my husband also mentioned them to me, I knew that there was something about these cupcakes.

These are going to be one of your go-to desserts from this point on I bet, try it, and let me know.

Source: The Domestic Geek