Tiramisu- An Original Italian Recipe

I have tried many Tiramisu recipes throughout the years. Some have been delicious and some not so much. Some also have been really difficult to make and some relatively easy. However, in my personal opinion this recipe is one of the best.

Usually when I tell people I am making Tiramisu they cringe. I guess it had a reputation of being a difficult dessert to make.  At first I agreed with them, but after watching this video and making it the way she shows us, I am confident that my Tiramisu is pretty delicious 🙂

Here are the Ingredients you will need


• 400g/15oz of lady finger biscuits
• Six eggs
• A cup of espresso sweetened to your liking
• 120g/10 tbsp of sugar
• 500g/2 1/3 cups of mascarpone cheese
• Unsweetened cocoa powder for sprinkling between layers

To Learn How To Make It and Watch The Tutorial Video
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