This Is The Greatest Thing You Can Do With Chocolate Cake Mix!

Yes!!! Another easy chocolate recipe that I can make with chocolate cake mix from a box 🙂 I made this Earthquake Cake when my family and I were snowed in and we literally ate half of the cake that day.

This cake has great ingredients. Personally, this cake had me at coconut and pecans. I must tell you that just these two ingredients add such a great flavor and texture to this cake. First you have the fudginess from the cake itself then you have the crunchiness from the pecans and the sweetness from the coconut. I am not sure how but it creates such a great flavor combination. But wait, there is more!

If that was not fabulous enough, then you get a scrumptious cream cheese mixture that you pour on top. Yes, I can tell you that it tastes as good as it sounds.

Source: TipHero

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