These Ice-Cream Cake Pops Are 2 Treats In 1

Cake pops on their own are pretty adorable but these Ice-Cream Cone Cake Pops are in a class on their own. These cake pops are such a great idea for many gatherings. They would work great for a bridal shower, baby shower, kid’s birthday party, etc.

I actually made these as favors and they were a great hit. They are easy to make so you won’t feel overwhelmed and your guests are sure to comment on how cute they are.


Sprinkles of your choice
300g chocolate cake (store bought, from a packet mix or use your favorite chocolate cake recipe)
450g Pink candy melts (I used the Wilton brand)
1 pkt of Jaffas (choc orange candy balls)
3-4 tbsp chocolate frosting
100g white chocolate, melted
6 waffle cones cut down to about 12cm (4.5 inches) tall or to your liking


Makes 6

1/ Start off by crushing up your cake using your hands into a mixing bowl. It doesn’t matter if it’s not completely crushed. Add 3 tbsp frosting and mix. Roll them into golf sized balls and pop onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and place them in the fridge for 20-30 min.

2/ Place a little of the pink candy melts on bottom (flatish side) of the cake ball (about a teaspoon) and use it as a glue to stick on the waffle cone). Pop them back in the fridge for 20 min.

3/ Next, coat the entire chocolate cake ball in the pink candy melts. I find it’s easier to do this if you have the chocolate in a deep bowl or a cup. Once you’ve coated all of the cake pops, pop them into the fridge for another 20 min. To keep them standing up right, you can do what I did and pop them into a baking pan with rice or alternatively you can purchase a cake pop foam stand from your local craft store.

4/ Finish them off by placing the melted white chocolate into a zip lock bag, snipe a little of one of the corners and carefully squeeze some on the top and let it fall down the sides. Sprinkle some 100’s and 1000’s or sprinkles of your choice on top, and then place the jaffa on top. Place them in the fridge for a final 30 min and they’re good to go!

Source: The Scran Line