The Easiest Chocolate Eclair Cake Ever – Yes “Chocolate Eclair” Cake

This really is the easiest way to make a Chocolate Eclair Cake. And not only is it the easiest, it is also the tastiest.

The first time I made this I made it as almost a joke. My husband, Craig, loves chocolate eclairs and he bet me that I would never be able to make a chocolate eclair as good as the one he buys at the bakery.

So me being the pessimist that I am, I thought he was right so I tried to find the easiest recipe that wouldn’t take too much time, since in my mind I knew I couldn’t win.

I made this Chocolate Eclair Cake and to my surprise Craig loved it. He actually has never bought the chocolate eclair from a bakery again. Unfortunately, for me now I spend a lot of my time making Chocolate Eclair Cakes.

Good thing it only takes a few moments, but don’t tell him that.

Source: TipHero