The Crispest Chicken You Will Ever Make

It is no secret that people love chicken. So I am always trying new ways to make it fir my family.  I think I have tried every which way (at least I feel like I have) but one way I never tried was frying my chicken. First, because I was just scared to fry chicken and the second reason is due to the fact that it really is not the most healthiest. However, once in awhile I like to indulge so I decided to fry some chicken.

And I am so glad that I did. This recipe makes one of the crunchiest pieces of chicken that I have ever had. I love the crunch from the outside and the juiciness from the inside. And she is correct, if you do not like your chicken spicy you might have a problem with this recipe. But I am sure by skipping some of the most spicy ingredients you can lower the spiciness.

Regardless you will fall in love with this recipe if you like to eat fried chicken.

Source: Divas Can Cook