She Uses Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats And Creates Something Genius

Don’t get me wrong an old fashion ice cream cones are delicious and in my opinion nothing can come close, however when you are in the mood for something unique, I think This Cocoa Krisie Ice Cream cone is worth giving a try.

These cones are super easy to make and really a great treat to serve at a gathering. It really shows that you went that extra mile and that you are pretty creative.

And no one has to know how incredibly simple they were to make. You basically make them the same way you would make Rice Krispie treats but with this recipe you will have to use the Cocoa Rice Krispies. You still need to flatten them out on a greased cookie tray. The only difference is that to make the cones you will need to create a cone shape that you can easily do just by curving the sides and having the two end come together.

Source: BuzzFeedBlue