She Shows How Anyone Can Make A “Finding Dory” Cake

Unless you live under a rock or do not have any kids, you probably know that Finding Dory will be in theaters soon. Many of my kids friends are all asking for something that is Finding Dory themed. Fortunately there are many ideas that I can choose from but I really loved this cake.

I loved how colorful it is and I especially love how she incorporated many of the characters. Fortunately, she does show us how she made most of the characters and other sea life. Needless to say that this cake would be a total win in any kid’s birthday party!

* (6) Cups All Purpose Flour
* (3) Cups Sugar
* (2) Cups Buttermilk
* (3) Cups Oil
* (3) Teaspoons Dark Cocoa Powder
* (2) Teaspoons White Vinegar
* (2-1/2) Teaspoons Baking Soda
* (1) Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Source: Rosanna Pansino