She Creates An Amazing Looking Cake Using Rock Candy

If you are a fan of Pinterest or Instagram you have seen these Geode Cakes. They are literally all over the place. I went through some video tutorials but I found this one was the easiest to follow and created such a beautiful cake.

Yes, it does take some patience and time to create but you will end up with a cake that everyone will go crazy for.

Ingredients and Materials:
• Prepared, stacked and buttercream covered 6″ and 8″ round cake
• Fondant- white, blue
• 3 shades of blue rock candy on a stick
• Clear/white rock candy on a stick
• Light blue rock candy on a string (large pieces)
• Clear Piping gel
• Edible Gold Leaf
• Wooden dowels

1. Prepare cakes and cover in a thin layer of buttercream. Have 6″ cake on a small, thin cardboard cake board, and the 8″ cake on a large, white cake board.
2. Roll out two long logs of white fondant and a long log of blue fondant and twist together. Continue to twist and roll fondant together until it is marbled. Using a large fondant rolling pin, roll fondant out flat into a circle at least 14″ in diameter for the small cake, and at least 16″ in diameter for the larger cake.
3. Drape fondant over top of each cake and smooth flat with a fondant smoother. Cut any excess away with a sharp knife or pizza cutter.
4. Place three wood dowels into the larger cake and cut flush to the top of the cake. Stack with smaller cake on top of the support dowels.
5. Use an edible ink pen to draw a long oval shape onto the cake, with half on the top and half on the bottom tiers. Use a sharp knife to remove a deep groove amount of cake.
6. Cover the exposed cake in buttercream, and then piping gel. Start in the center with the darkest blue rock candies and work outwards with the lighter candies.
7. To use the gold leaf, cut pieces into small strips by placing sheet of gold in between 2 sheets of transfer paper. Gold leaf is extremely fragile and will move at the slightest movement of air. Be warned!
8. Brush application area of fondant with water and press gold leaf to that area. Using a large, dry, makeup brush, press the gold leaf down on to the wet fondant area. Fill in any gaps between the gold and the crystals with additional clear crystals.
9. To make the border around the bottom of both cakes, pipe on a generous amount of piping gel at the bases and start with the darkest blue at the bottom, working your way up to the lightest.
10. Pile the large chunk rock candy on a string on top of the cake as a cake topper.
11. Keep cake in fridge until you are ready to serve . It is best consumed within 2-3 days.

Source: Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio