She Combined These Two Ingredients And Made A Perfect Dessert

This is a great dessert to have during the summer. Both the taste of lemons and raspberries make this dessert a refreshing one. I love the fact that it looks rustic by having the crunchy crumbs on top. The crumbs on top also gives it a different texture which I personally love.

I love the combination of lemons and raspberries. I am sure that you could use a different type of berry but I am a big fan of this specific mixture. Just a little side note. If you do want the raspberries to stand out you definitely want to add the extra group of raspberries…don’t worry, it’s all explained in the following video.

I actually forgot to add the extra raspberries and they do melt. So if you do want your guests to notice the raspberries I suggest you add the extra raspberries to the dessert.

Source: Driscoll’s