Learn How To Make This Beautiful Nutella Creation

I absolutely love the way this dessert looks. It is such a great dessert to have as a centerpiece at a gathering, people will actually be hesitant to dive in and eat it, but once it’s “cracked open” it’s going to be hard to keep everyones hands off it.

I love the fact that it looks like you bought it from a bakery. So when you actually tell them that this is your creation you will most definitely receive a lot of compliments, and probably a few requests for the recipe…so feel free to share this page 🙂

The other wonderful thing about this dessert is that is has Nutella in it. A dessert with Nutella just becomes a better dessert because…well…Nutella, don’t you think LOL?

When I made this I actually used a lot more Nutella by accident than he mentioned in the video. This could have been a mistake or just me forgetting that I had already put the Nutella in…I’m kind of a Nutella freak.

The good new is, it still came out awesome and turned out delicious.

Source: Steve’s Kitchen