I’ll Never Make Regular Candy Apples Again, After Watching This Video

So we have all been there. You are home not really expecting anyone, then suddenly your friend calls you and wants to come over for a girl chat. You being the great hostess that you are 🙂 try to think of something to serve, but you have nothing. Well this recipe will definitely help a lot of people out.

All you need is a couple of apples, preferably Granny Smith. Using a melon scooper, scoop out mini apple pops. Then, you can either use store bought caramel or make your own and dip these mini apple pops in the caramel.

Finally, my favorite, the toppings. Try to be as creative as possible. These taste great with peanuts, Oreos, almonds, pistachios, crushed up chocolate, etc.

An instant dessert that maybe took you a few minutes to complete and not to mention they look super adorable!

Source: Muddle Up