Ice-Cream Cheesecake… Yep, There Is Such A Thing! Learn How To Make It Right Here

I have heard of making your own ice-cream but making your own cheesecake ice-cream is pretty unique. The great think about this new dessert is that there are only a few ingredients and just liked mentioned in the video all you need is a bowl and a spatula.

I have yet to make this refreshing dessert. Mostly because I know I am not going to like the fact that I have to wait overnight to taste it.

To tell you the truth, I may have to tell my husband about it the day it’s ready. There are 2 desserts he loves, one is ice cream, and the other is…you guessed it, Cheesecake. I know if I have to wait to try it, he definitely won’t have the patience LOL

To See The Ingredients and How To Make This Delicious Dessert
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