Having A Get Together? Skip The Casuals, Try This No Bake Coconut Chocolate Balls In Just 7 Minutes!

You just have to try this no bake coconut chocolate balls recipe! I tell you, it’s going to be the any occasion’s center of attention! So delicious!!

If you’re like I am, you’re a person who’s usually welcoming guests at home on a nice weekend. I don’t remember having a quiet time at home just by myself! Sometimes it’s family, sometimes friends, my children’s friends, my husband’s relatives, you name it! Now with such a guest schedule, it’s difficult to come up with something that almost everyone will love 🙂

So last month, when my daughter invited her friends over, I decided to give the coconut chocolate balls recipe a try and the result was overwhelming! “Can I have 1 more?” is the phrase I heard over a dozen times and by the time they left, the tray was clean! You don’t only have to make this when you have guests, you can make this recipe anytime, so long as you have 10 minutes to spare! Also, this recipe is gluten free and requires no baking at all! Here’s what this delicious treat looks like:

I know right?! They’re SUPER delicious, trust me! Now apart from get together and other occasions, I find myself making coconut chocolate balls at least twice a month on weekends. The best part about this dessert is that it’s economical and it gives you that pleasure feeling you get when you eat desserts in restaurants 🙂 They’re tasty, lovable and very addictive, trust me, everyone will love it! Now go to the NEXT PAGE and learn to make this in just 7 minutes!

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