Find Out How She Makes Marshmallows Look So BEAUTIFUL

I love to find tutorials┬áthat are super original and make me say “WOW”. This video does just that and on top of that it is very simple to create.

I actually did these marshmallow toppers with my oldest daughter. Granted hers came out looking more like circles than petals, but this is just to show you that this is a pretty simple decoration to complete, especially if you are older than six years old LOL.

Besides using these marshmallow toppers on cupcakes, I also used them on a birthday cake that I made for 4 year old. I placed them around the cake and it looked extremely delicate.

And the great thing about this type of decoration is that all you need is marshmallows that can be buy at a store. Sometimes I like the easy way out LOL.

Source: Wilton