Don’t Worry If You Can’t Find The Toy … This Hatchimal Cake Will Save You

If you have young children at home, you know the new toy craze. These Hatchimals are everywhere! Actually they are not, which is why I am ripping my hair out trying to find this toy. And I refuse to buy from people you are increasing the prices because they know how desperate parents are. Sorry, about my rant.

Besides this little set back, the actual toy is pretty cute, so I was pretty excited to see this video tutorial. This Hatchimal Cake is so adorable that if I am not able to find the real toy, my girls will just have to be happy that I made this cake for them LOL.

Ingredients and Materials:

• Prepared Vanilla cake batter
• Vanilla buttercream coloured purple and white
• Black fondant
• Turquoise Blue Fondant
• White Fondant
• Purple Fondant
• Egg Cake Pan
• Regal Purple Americolor Gel Paste
• White Americolor Coloring
• Oval Cutters
• Fondant/Gum Paste Decorating Tool Kit
• Fondant Smoother
• Hatchimals Draggle
• Purple Candy Melts
• Navy blue candy melts
• Rice Krispie treats

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