Delicious And Simple 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Apple Spice Cake

I am a big fan of the slow cooker. There are many days where I just do not have the time to make a home cooked meal, which makes me feel super guilty. I blame my mom, LOL.

But ever since I found my new love, the slow cooker, I feel like I can still have that home cooked meal even when I am running low on time. And now I found this video and it blew my mind.

I can use a slow cooker for making a delicious dessert! It can not get any easier than this. You basically just have to pour 3 ingredients in the slow cooker and there you have it, a delicious Apple Spice Cake!


1 Box Spice Cake Mix
2 20 oz Cans of Apple Pie Filling
8 oz Butter

Source: Tasty Food