I Can’t Believe How Quick It Was To Make This Loaded Bacon And Garlic Potato Recipe

I love sharing recipes that are delicious but also do not take a whole afternoon to make them. Most of us have a full-time job and the last thing that we want to do is come home and create a meal that takes us a few hours to make.

This Loaded Bacon and Garlic Potatoes recipe is an incredible recipe that will have you salivating while you are making it because the aroma is out of this world. And once you take your first bite you will fall in love automatically.

This would be a great meal on its own but I paired with chicken.  I usually don’t pat myself on the back after a meal but I did after this one.

8 large potatoes
8 slices thick-cut bacon
1/2 cup unsalted butter
10 garlic cloves, finely minced
1 1/2 tablespoons fresh thyme
1 teaspoon salt
ground black pepper
1/2 – 1 cup cheddar cheese
2 green onions, finely diced
small bunch fresh dill, chopped


Prepare the potatoes first. Peel and cut the potatoes into large chunks. Bring to a boil in a large pot of salted water and boil until fork tender. Drain and transfer into a deep tray for serving.
Meanwhile, prepare the toppings. In a large frying pan, render the bacon slices in batches. Remove from the pan onto a paper towel to cool. Retain all the rendered bacon fat in the pan and add the butter. Melt the butter over low heat, then add the minced garlic and fresh thyme. Cook the garlic over low heat until butter is aromatic. Transfer the garlic butter into a small bowl. Once it cools slightly, skim off any impurities that surface.
Once bacon has cooled, chop into small bits. Chop the green onion and dill.
Once potatoes are cooked and ready, assemble the dish. Season the potatoes with salt and black pepper. Spoon the garlic butter equally over the potatoes. Sprinkle on the cheddar cheese, bacon bits, green onion and fresh dill. Serve immediately, or keep covered and warm. This dish can be reheated/kept warm in the oven.

Source: TatyanasEverydayFood