Blow Your Guests Away With This Cookie Dough Dip Recipe

There are so many dips that you can make, for any kind of chip. There is ranch dip, avocado dip, cream cheese dip, onion dip, and so on and so on. So why isn’t there a dip for the sweet tooth lover. Well, dessert lovers there is.

This Cookie Dough Dip is a simple, quick dip that anyone can make. All you need is cream cheese, butter, powered sugar, brown sugar, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. Then, all you need is a few pretzels and you got yourself a great dip for dessert lovers.

Just when you thought that the only way you could enjoy cookie dough was with an ice cream, or maybe licking the spoon after you made some cookies…this awesome dip comes to the rescue.

Enjoy this one, I know I will.

Source: BuzzFeedBlue